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The One I Want: Sethummer Playlist

Seth & Summer Banner
This couple is probably my favorite television and on screen couple. They were also in real life my favorite celebrity couple (Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson). Secretly a small part of me wishes they were still together off screen even though I know it’s silly and delusion because I don’t know them personally, the nature of what was their relationship, or why they broke up. Besides the point of this post is to focus on Seth and Summer from the O.C. I love Seth and Summer because deep down inside I’m a classic romantic. Summer was Seth’s first crush and love. Seth was Summer’s first real love as well. I love the fact that Seth adored Summer since he was nine and she ignored him but with the help of Ryan, Marissa, and Anna about seven years later he gained the confidence, courage, and opportunity to court Summer and she fell in love with him but not without struggling to win his heart instead Anna . Plus they were just really adorable. I loved when they had sex for the first time and how awkward they were. Not to mention the kiss on the table as they declare their love for one another. But there was also some painful moments in their relationship like when Seth ran away on his boat forgetting about Summer or when Seth said he didn’t love her anymore. Yet in the final episode of the series Seth and Summer tie the knot. Somewhere in TV limbo I image Seth and Summer are both married with two children; two boys one a jewfro sweater vest wearing comic book lover and the second a ginger with hypochondria and an obsession with horses and indie rock. Sethummer forever XOXO. Thanks. Enjoy. 

The O.C.- Cause for me it's always been you

The One I Want - Green Day
I imagine a middle school aged chubby freckle-faced Seth Cohen listening to this song thinking about his unrequited love Summer Roberts. Yeah sure there are other pretty girls around but Summer Roberts is the one that Seth Cohen wants and has always wanted.

The Boy Is Mine (ft. Brandy) - Monica
Summer Roberts Vs. Anna Stern : I remember the first season of the O.C and how this love triangle made me argue with my peers and fellow O.C. obsessives over Anna with Seth or Summer with Seth. Because I’m a true romantic I always wanted Seth with Summer because of his infatuation with her. I guess because I’m always a bridesmaid and never a bride. I’m the girl whose the friend instead of the girlfriend. Seth Cohen is also my spirit animal and I could relate to having a crush on someone but not for that long. I just wanted Seth to get Summer because they had such chemistry.

How Do I Feel (The Burrito Song) - Hoku
The first break-up of Seth and Summer I can picture Summer listening to this while Seth was on his boat sailing away. I think it’s got a perfect Summer vibe and California vibe as well. Summer wants to get over Seth but she just can’t. Instead she’s listening to whatever sad break-up songs she can, eating burritos, and hanging out with Marissa at the Beach, the mall, and the pool.

My Paper Heart - The All-American Rejects
“This wait for destiny won’t do, be with me please I beseech you”

Young Adult Friction - The Pains of Being Pure At Heart
“we came they went, our bodies spent”

Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys
Reminds me of the first time Seth and Summer had sex. One of my favorite episodes of the O.C. ever!

Summertime Clothes - Animal Collective
“I want to walk around with you”.

Sunday Morning - No Doubt
Summer getting over yet another heartache because of Seth. Jamming to one of the best break-up song writing bands of all time No Doubt on a Sunday Morning maybe going to the mall for retail therapy in her convertible with the top pulled down and the sun shinning with some starbucks in her hand.

The Way You Wear Your Head - Nada Surf
I imagine Seth thinking of Summer while laying on his bed drawing pictures of her pre-Ryan,Anna, and his new social life. Another unrequited love song.

Counting Stars - Sugarcult
Remember when that little bitch on a boat Seth Cohen ran away from home because Ryan choose to leave Orange County to go back to the ghettos of Chino and Seth wrote both Summer and his parents a letter which left both Summer and his parents especially Kristen heartbroken? Yeah this song explains in my opinion how both Seth and Summer felt during that period of time.

My Name Is Trouble - Nightmare of You
“I want to kiss you on the mouth and tell you I’m your biggest fan”.

She’s So High - Tal Bachman
I know this song gets thrown around a lot on fan videos, playlists, etc. but I think this is one of the rare exceptions where it counts and is used in the proper context. Summer may not be richer than Seth’s family over all because of Caleb or they maybe around the same tax bracket but her social ranking is higher or at least it was since about birth because she’s always been pretty and popular. Summer started out as a vapid, stupid, druggie, shallow, party girl and Seth was a geeky-nerdy, sarcastic, comic book loving, friendless invisible dateless loner who didn’t play waterpolo. Summer was a princess and Seth was a loser.

Ocean Avenue - Yellowcard
This song just reminds me of California even though Yellowcard is from my native Florida. It reminds me of Seth and Summer as teenagers and their adventures and break-ups.

10 Mile Stereo - Beach House
“The heart is a stone and this is a stone we throw”.

I Found You - Alabama Shakes
“This isn’t sometimes yeah, it’s for always.”

Here Comes the Sun Again - M.Ward

I picture this song as the wedding song for Seth and Summer. It’s hipster/indie-ish and mellow.